Neo-Aspect ~ Roselia

Wow this song is long speaking of lyrics –and also quite long in length, but I certainly won’t complain about it. And it is so damn beautiful. Neo-Aspect was my favorite song from Anfang since I listened to the crossfade, and now I can say it’s my favorite one by Roselia together with Re:birth day … More Neo-Aspect ~ Roselia

軌跡 ~ Roselia

I was pending in which order translating Roselia’s songs, since I somehow tend to start from the worst translated one, followed by the untranslated ones, but well. I gave up after seeing the 3rd one (namely, -HEROIC ADVENT-) because it was like reading my unrevised translations back in 2013-2014, back when I had little to … More 軌跡 ~ Roselia