Contacts & FAQ

Time passes by, and things change. I decided to re-organize the contact page because I changed my habits in the past months. I’ll kindly ignore every spam message, as well as those saying ” *Insert Anything Here* DL link *Insert Something Else Here* “.

Discord Server:

[E-Mail | kidomizu★]; (change the ★ with a @). I check it pretty often, usually everyday, and I’ll try to answer back as soon as possible -at most it will take a couple of days.
; here is where I post my updates, thoughts, news about circles (those I follow/check at least), translations, opinions and random things. If you mention me on Twitter, I usually answer you within a day.
[Facebook]; for some reasons, Facebook sends me only once in a while e-mails with notifications about comments and/or private messages, so you should avoid contact me through it and keep it only as an update page.

And of course, you can also simple leave a comment on this blog!


Q: Can I use your translations on my no-profit video?
A: Yes, but please give credits and a link back to this blog.

Q: Can I make a no-profit *insert any language here* translation based off your English one?
A: Same as above.

Q: Can I request a song?
A: Yes. Check the Request page and the Request Format for further details.

Q: How much time do I have to wait before seeing my request translated?
A: On average, a month, but it really depends on how many requests there are already in my queue.

Q: I want this album, but I can’t find it! Can you provide a download link?
A: No, and will never provide DL links. Besides, nowadays there are hundreds of sites where you can buy doujinshi, both as a physical copy, like, or as a digital download, like MelonbooksDL, without mentioning Bandcamp, iTunes and all those other well-known sites for digital distribution. Just take a look around.

Q: I have a question. How can I ask you?
A: All contacts are written at the top, just check them and contact me there, or simply leave a comment below!


5 Responses to “Contacts & FAQ”

  1. Hey there! I run a Touhou themed room on ( It’s a great place to share and discover music. However, I noticed there were no notable Touhou themed rooms. My goal in creating this room is to have a area where Touhou fans can discuss various aspects of the games and music. All I ask is your active participation in promoting the room, be it via Facebook, Youtube or other types of online media. It may take some time to do this, but with your help I’m confident we can make it a success. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Phantasmal ~ 東方 Arranges

  2. Hello, I’ve been reading your site for a long time now but I’ve really wondered, where can I find the artist for your pictures you use for your translations. I recognize some of them such as Rosie’s, but a lot of others I don’t recognize, and would like to know who they are so I can contact them as well.

    Also, I have a YouTube channel I upload to as well if you’re interested.


    • It’s all written at the top of the “About” page.
      “Banner has been done by using as base an illustration done by apt (
      About the other illustrations on this site, I put a link to the source whenever I can over the pic itself.”
      In short, just click on the pic and you’ll be redirect to the source which is, in most of the cases, the artist’s pixiv. You can contact them through there.

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