Gore Screaming Show

Well, Gore Screaming Show is my biggest translation project so far, so I guess it deserves a page by its own. This is just a stub, which over time will be updated with useful links and, of course, with how the script is going on. Just to clarify, the script progress is actually based on what has been published on this blog and not how far I am in the translation. The numbers in between brackets are the lines translated and the total lines. Cheers~

Useful Links

GSS Project FAQ
Configuration & Options
Day 01

Script Progress

Prologue: 99.99% [32/32]
Chapter 01: 40,8% [531/1299]
Chapter 02: 0%
Chapter 03: 0%
Chapter 04: 0%
Chapter 05: 0%
Chapter 06: 0%
Chapter 07: 0%
Chapter 08: 0%
Akane: 0%
Aoi: 0%
Misono: 0%
Yamiko: 0%
Yuka: 0%
Overall: 1,5% [563/37383]

Last updated: 03/10/2017.


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