.Songs’ translations are published on Wednesday (updates/translations/requests -irregularly) and Sunday (translations/requests -regularly) at 23:00 GMT+9 (Tokyo). Other days and hours may be possible too.

Keep in mind that this is a hobby and not a job; my translations aren’t absolute nor perfect and, while I try do my best, they still may have errors. Please be patient about them, and don’t hesitate to point them out~

If anyone would like to request a song, leave a post on this blog (preferably on this page or on most recent posts) or check the contacts page following the request format. Many of you might ask: why this change? Well, the reason is very simple: I don’t know, nor have, everything.

It happened to me to come across requests I couldn’t fulfill due to the lack of lyrics, or songs I couldn’t find because they wrote to me only the song title and not the band’s name; thus, from now on, whenever requesting for a song, please fill the format below.

Request Format

Song Title:
Link to lyrics: (scans or photos are fine too, as long as they’re readable)
Requester: *Fill this only if you want to be called with a different name from the one displayed*

Warning: since I by myself own a decent amount of doujinshi (and thus, lyrics), if you don’t have them and you’re not able to find them, drop the request here. If you’re lucky, I have them.

Queue List

The following list is merely indicative and may be subject to changes. Dates follow the “dd/mm/yy (day/month/year)” format. If you don’t see your request here by a week, send me an e-mail or mention me on Twitter.

. Stay Waiting for A Dead ~ Situation Report (Eiki | 12/06/2015 ) looking for lyrics
. spherelight ~ sprite recordings (salman | 08/08/2015) looking for lyrics
. Cinderella Syndrome ~ ゆーしえ (rendedol | 20/01/2017) looking for lyrics
. 精神ノ乖離ノ、叫ビト嘆キ ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (Miczo | 26/01/2017) looking for lyrics

. カギロイ ~ Denkare  (kurorenka | 22/05/2017)
. 輪廻知らずの愛 ~ 少女フラクタル (petaliteyuu | 29/05/2017)
. その神のジレンマに ~ Yuuhei Satellite (Rachel Lee | 29/05/17)
. 生命の灯火 ~ Imy (salman farisi | 30/05/17)
. ノンストップレールウェイ ~ Girl’s short hair (Alv | 07/06/2017)
. Scarlet Gambler ~ M.H.S. (Jacob | 10/06/2017)
. STRUGGLES ~ Primary (Stereo Loli | 21/06/2017)
. Magica ~ Yuuhei Satellite (中原ほたる | 25/06/2017)
. La voix du sang ~ Unlucky Morpheus (sitompo | 15/03/2017) *CTRL+F comments
. solitary flower ~ Primary (Stereo Loli | 21/06/2017) *CTRL+F comments
. Negative Legacy ~ Primary (Stereo Loli | 21/06/2017) *CTRL+F comments
. イナイセカイ ~ Primary (Stereo Loli | 21/06/2017) *CTRL+F comments

186 Responses to “Requests”

  1. Hohoho; I’d love to request you a translation of “Close to me (and you)” of Nhato / Mei Ayakura from the latest Syrufit album, Blossom, beautiful song, but unfortunaly I don’t understand lyrics x)

  2. I’m rather happy to see that you take requests. I always enjoy reading the notes you make on some of the wording~ =)
    Could you possibly translate ‘Modularity of mind’ by EastNewSound? There’s lyrics and romaji here:
    If you can, I send my thanks in advance! ^.^

  3. Um…Could you translate 常世想兼神 (Tokoyo Soukenshin) from 紅染の鬼が哭く (Benisome no Oni ga Naku) ? Ranko *о* , pinetree ** aww…great song!

  4. Heh…It`s me…again D I’d want to request you a translation of プラネタリウム from Acoustic Episode (アコースティック・エピソード) (CROW’SCLAW) , please D

  5. Dunno if you’re still in the mood to translate some of Sally’s songs but, could you translate either 新規テキストドキュメント from Sadomasochism or オーバーラップ from Ice -or both?

  6. Hi! Could I request two songs ? :3 … 神かくし(undead coraporation) and Promised Land(sound holic)?

  7. Can I request fragile. by Syrufit and 天空カタルシス by Anipix?

    Thank you very much!

  8. Hi! could you translate Buta-otome – モルダバイト ( Moldavite ). Thanks:3

    • Going to have to second this, I want to know what ButaOtome’s lyrics are for one of the first Izanagi Object vocals. -the only other Izanagi Object vocal I know of is the one by TUMENECO.

  9. Sorry .-. Can I request IOSYS – things fall apart from Night Gypsy – 東方JAZZROCK – ?

  10. Hi! Can I request for 両目ひらけば桔梗咲く(UNDEAD CORPORATION) and 娘々パラダイス(SOUND HOLIC)

  11. Hi again! Thank you for the last translation for me. can i request Studio K2 – マスタースパーク ? Thank in advance :3

  12. Excuse me, Can I request for Ref-Rain by Yuuhei Satellite?

  13. Hello! Can I request Last Day Never Knows by Yellow Zebra?

  14. I would like a translation for Seventh Heaven Maxion’s 墜闇の誓い with romaji, if possible. Thank you :D

  15. Since I see that you do quite a bit of UNDEAD CORPORATION translations, may I request からくれなゐ from UNDEAD CORPORATION’s 紅染の鬼が哭くalbum? Thank you!

  16. Hi! Could you translate 回想ノスタルジア by Monochrome-coat?

  17. Good day! Can I request for Halo Glare by C-CLAYS?

  18. Hello again. I hate to ask this when it seems that you have a lot of requests, but if you have the time, is there any way you could translate THE THIRD HOPE? It’s a Vocaloid song, with lyrics in the video:

  19. Hii! Could you translate 今並べ from 秋葉文化祭コンピレーションCD Vol.3 ( Scans:

  20. Hi! ^^ Can you translate “Grate Escapers” from the album “Tadori” by RD-Sounds? There are the lyrics:
    Thanks in advance. <3

  21. Hi Mirror-kun. It’s again me and again with request…with two request, if it possible. in first, kairo-bottom and in second, Sally-IMITATE. If you can make it for me, I would be again inexpressibly grateful to you.
    With best wishes, the Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

  22. Hey there ! May I request a translation for “陵辱に注ぐ遺灰、さながら微笑にも似た嘔吐” from the Silent Difference album ‘Belial’? Words won’t express my gratitude if you’re able to [:

    • I don’t have the lyrics :S If you could send them to me I’ll add it to the queue list; otherwise, I won’t be able to translate it

  23. Could you please translate Paramount Song by LiLA’c Records to english?

    here’s a link to lyrics or

  24. Hello! Could you translate 神>>【穢=罪_咎】>祓 by GET IN THE RING ? Here are the lyrics:

  25. Hello again:3 Could you please translate 嵐の中で当人しか知りえないもの from the album 天つ風 by SYNC.ART’S? Scans:

  26. Hello. May I request translation EXceed The Limit! by GET IN THE RING? Link to scan:

  27. So, assuming you have the booklet for it (which I don’t know if you do, mind you), I’d like to request 咲き乱れしもの by Register6. It’s from 東方レイマリQUEST, and since you did a translation of Foreground’s track, I thought you could also do this one. Thanks.

    • I don’t own the 東方レイマリQUEST yet, at the moment I only own the 東方魔法少女 among the Toranoana’s CDs. If there are lyrics/you have them, I’ll gladly translate it (I personally wanted to translate that track if I’d have ever had the chance), but as for now- I don’t have the lyrics, sorry :S

  28. Hello ! May I request you “アノコの心” from BUTAOTOME’s album “ひかり”, please ? Here are the lyrics :
    Thanks !

  29. キズアト by ALiCE’S EMOTiON
    The lyrics are here:
    In romaji
    I just want the english translation, please >.<

  30. Could you translate A Dirty Lie by LiLA’c Records? Here are the lyrics

  31. Could you either do Tatsh’s “Yoiyami no Tsuki ni Dakarete” or LIla’c Records’ “Aimless Voyage”-whichever’s easier for you to do in terms of finsing lyrics and time and stuff
    (I believe “Aimless Voyage ” is on the same album as “paramount song”, meaning I can probably find lyrics via youtube for you if need be )

  32. Last Mythology – Sound Holic

    I remember seeing the lyrics on the album scans, don’t know if those r enough…

  33. Hello again… Can you translate the song:

  34. Please, can you translate Brand-New by Aftergrow

  35. I’ve returned with another request, and another Undead Corporation one at that (this group is fantastic!). Could you please translate 渦 from their 鬼伽草子 album? Thank you!

  36. Hi! Can I request ムラサ by UNDEAD CORPORATION? Here are the lyrics:ムラサ

  37. Hello, can I request [人]人~ひと~ and 眠れぬ夜は?
    Thank you very much!

  38. Hello,can I request [人]人~ひと~ and 眠れぬ夜は ?

    Thank you very much!

  39. Since we are on an Undead Corporation spree, I’d like to request one of my favs from them:

  40. We need more Sally ヽ(・∀・)ノ Could you translate this song:サリー)
    Thanks :3

  41. May I request a translation for “Dear big sister” from the 天然ジェミニ album ‘東方香辛甘味’? There are the lyrics:
    Thanks in advance :3

  42. I’d like to request ネクロジカライズ from Liz Triangle’s album reunion if possible.

  43. Hello! Could you translate this song: Dance in the Caligo ву Innocent Key, Album: 叙聖のクオリア ~Subterranean rose~? Lyrics here:

  44. Please, can you translate ESOTERIAN HYSTERIA by sekken-ya?
    Thanks ヽ(・∀・)ノ

  45. Requesting the only song from the Oni albums that is missing a translation ^^’

  46. Hello! Welcome back, thought i’m a little bit late…doesn’t matter…could you translate Sally – Medicine?Thank you in advance

  47. Hey there again…looks like you’ve got a bit of a queue built up, but when you get to it, can you translate “進み行く者” from The Squeal Idol Festival? The lyrics are further down this page –>

  48. So~ Toyosatomimi no Miko is your favourite character? Haha, she is my favourite too! Can you translate True Desire by Hachimitsu-Lemon (はちみつれもん)?

  49. Hey. Could you translate 八雲藍の唯心論 by the circle :君の美術館 ?
    Lyrics can be found here…I think:
    I was going to request Mami Mami Zone but I can’t seem to find lyrics for that. Oh well.

    • It’s late anyway, I have Mami Mami Zone lyrics. Will translate it before 八雲藍の唯心論 because… no true reasons. Just random two months+ old replay.

  50. Thank you for my last request of Get in the ring <3
    May I request the translations of いと儚き燿の如く by Riverside?
    Here is the lyrics

  51. Excuse me~ could you translate アルカラ わ、ダメだよ by Arukara? (I believe that’s the band name…) lyrics:

  52. Hello! Can you translate “MiChi” by 豚乙女? Lyrics here:

  53. Hi~ Can I request 叶えたいこと by kairo?

  54. Hello! Could you translate Erased Utopia by Pizuya’s Cell? Thanks:3

  55. Glad to see you’re doing translations again. Would like to request まだちょっと香ってるっぽい。 from Riverside (album よひむすび).

    Perhaps this one won’t try to break your mind like my last request ;P

  56. Hello! I ended up here thanks to trying to search for the kanji lyrics of 残響, which is apparently composed by Meis Clauson and sung by momori. That lead me to your Meis Clauson tag and well, I thought I might just request a translation of 残響 if you don’t mind. Circle is Rill Pratica, album is REGULUS -FATA VIAM INVENIENT-. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the lyrics anywhere, but I’m sure you’d do better at that if you accept the request.
    Thanks in advance.

    • I’ve only found romaji for that song, and while I’ve checked them, I can’t guarantee they’re the actual lyrics -or better, I won’t be able to check if a word is written in a specific way and some double meaning/contrasts will not come up.
      I’ve transcribed what I could from the PV, but since it’s the short version, I can’t check the rest of the song.
      So, if it’s okay for you, I will stick with the most common writing for all the words when I’ll write down the kanji and do a translation upon that. Or, if you prefer, I will just translate the short version of this song.
      Stated this, thank you for this request; I completely overlooked this mini CD, and if it wasn’t for you, I still wouldn’t even know of its existance. 残響 is such an awesome song :3

      Edit: too many parts where I can’t figure out any sensed phrase. Unless you have the booklet, I will most likely translate only what there’s written in this PV
      Will try to contact Momori and ask her for lyrics, now that I’ve listened to this song I want to translate it-

      • Agreed on the fact it’s an awesome song and while I’m quite the rookie when it comes to learning the language, what I did understand from the lyrics seemed quite nice to me, hence this request.
        I’m glad you enjoyed the song and really, thank you for your willingness to translate it, and even if you can only manage that part, it’s certainly better than nothing. Thank you^^

      • Both Momori’s official and personal site are down -probably they’ve been closed- so… I can’t contact Momori ;_;
        Will try to figure out how phrases should be in the next days, but can’t guarantee I’ll post the full translation-

    • Random update: song has been succefully fully translated. I still haven’t made a schedule so I can’t give you the exact date, but it’ll be published in about 2-3 weeks, depending if I decided to publish 2 or 3 translations a week. Anyway, it’s done! Still thank you for made me know this song <3

      • Oh, thank you very much! This is sooner than I expected and wonderful to know you’ve managed to translate it fully. You’re welcome and thank you for this. Will be looking forward to when it’s posted^^

  57. :D Hello again! May I request the translations of 罪と罰 by 豚乙女(agaaaain)? Lyrics:罪と罰

  58. Hello Jaefine-san. May I request the translations of teardrop by Hachimitsu-Lemon?
    Here is the lyrics

  59. Hello, Jaefine! Can you translate for me Kairo – eyes? Thank you very much <3

  60. Please, please! >_<
    Could you translate this:彷徨のフィナレ
    Thank in advance!

  61. Hello! Could you translate Decive by Sally?

    • Wolfkin (thanks for the fast replay to him/her :3) already answered you. This song has been translated elsewhere and overall I don’t re-translate what has already been done -exceptions are songs I love and have a translation I don’t like or simply songs I really love and want to translate no matter what.
      Stated this, if you want a different translation/point of view over that song, simply say it and I’ll do it, if not, you can always request another song if you wish so~

      • Oh, Now I know…So…Maybe you can translate Bloodthirsty Nightmare Lullaby by UNDEAD CORPORATION? >_<

      • Consider it done!
        I’ll work on it once I’ll come back from holidays, but it’ll be done as soon as possible °w°/

  62. Oh, have a good holiday! And can I request hikari by monochrome-coat? Here are the lyrics:
    I hope it’s not too late…

    • No, you’re not, and even if you were too late, I’m simply going on holidays, not closing requests XD
      I would have read your message in about a week, but nothing more~

  63. Hopefuly not too soon after my last one, putting down another request:
    Circle: Liz Triangle
    Song: シャトー・ガル
    Album: カラスとウサギ

    • Not too soon, don’t worry! Besides, you can request a song whenever you wish to and assuming your 2nd request is “too” close to the previous one, I simply post before those songs requested right after yours, but that’s it~
      I’m not even sure what I wrote makes sense omg

  64. Requesting Grand Guignol by Pizuya’s Cell… Since you translated Armour Structure already, lyrics should be in the same booklet

  65. Hello~ I’d like to request “Dreaming” by Pizuya’s Cell. Thanks!

  66. Good day! Could you translate this ?
    Thank in advance!

  67. Good day! Could you translate this

  68. Going to throw in one more request onto the pile:
    Circle: Liz Triangle
    Song: 雷々伝々
    Album: カラスとウサギ

    • By any chance do you happen to have the scans?
      I’ve found the lyrics, but in some parts I’m not so sure about them, so I would like to check them in the booklet.
      If you don’t have them, don’t worry; I’m talking about only a few words, so in a way or another I’ll manage to get it done~
      Edit: nevermind, my friend had it and gave it to me, now I’m fine :3

      • Appologies for lack of reaction – I dropped the request then got distracted by other things, forgetting to check your blog until I updated my RSS feed today. Glad to hear you got your hands on the scans in the meantime :)

  69. request (‘_’ )
    Circle: IOSYS
    song: one-sided love
    album: 東方銀晶天獄

    you can find the japanese lyric here

  70. Hello! Could you translate SCOTOMA by SOUND HOLIC?

  71. Hello Jeafine, I would like to request a translation for one of my favorite songs.
    Title: Closed Wings
    Album: Abyss Nova
    Artist: FELT, 舞花
    I could not find an translation on the internet but I would love to know what the song is actually about. So getting one would make me really happy.
    Best wishes, Jones

  72. Hello~ Can you translate 永久旋律 by TAMUSIC?

  73. Hello again~! I’d like to request “Orange Recipe” by Color&Color+. Thank you.

    • Do you happen to have the lyrics/booklet? I can’t find them.

      • 1. Sorry about being late. Forgot to check back.

        2. No, I don’t, GAH!!! Um, if you can’t translate it, it’s fine. Don’t worry. >-<

      • Edit: Got the lyrics.
        It’s okay, don’t worry XD
        I talked to a friend who should have the booklet, in a couple of days I’ll let you know if I’ll be able to translate it or not -it’s almost certainly a yes though, unless lyrics aren’t in the booklet.
        Have a nice day!

  74. Hiiii! Can you translate Heaven’s Sword by Iron Attack! ? Thank in advance !

  75. Hello again! May I request the translations of frantic-dread by Tamusic? Lyrics:

  76. Hello! May I request a translation of the song 蕚 — Utena – from the album DiGiHalo NEXUS (Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG x Halozy) and sung by Hanatan?

  77. hello there! may I request a translation of “Utopia” from the album Seven lies from my Dystopia.? The circle it’s from is Aftergrow.

  78. Hello once more. Figured I’d throw another translation request your way:
    Circle: 回路-kairo-
    Song: 久遠の花
    Album: alone, but never alone

  79. Hello Jaefine-san. May I request the translations of ナイトパレード オン ザ スカイ by GET IN THE RING?
    Here is the lyrics

  80. Hello! I’d like to request a translation. Here’s the info:
    Song: Silent Story
    Circle: 発熱巫女~ず
    Album: Re:Clockwiser & A Narcissus
    And here are the lyrics:

  81. I would like to request ワンダーランド。 from the album 不思議の国の音哲樂 夢語り篇. The circle is 六弦アリス. Thank you!

  82. Hey~! Could you translate “Drab” by Foreground Eclipse?

    • Sadly, I can’t. There are not official lyrics and a by-hear transcription (and thus translation) would probably be too inaccurate. Of course it is a different story if you have lyrics~

      • I can’t say I have them as of now, but if I ever find the Japanese lyrics I’ll let you know~!

  83. Hey there! Heard that you prefer non-Touhou lyrics — may I request INDEPENDENT SKY and TYCOON by Sound Holic, from the album 斬 -ZAN-?

    Lyrics for both songs are here ->

  84. hope you’re not too busy to take another request
    Title: Farce Silhouette
    Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
    Album: Grand-Guignol
    Lyric (romaji + kanji):

    anyway great work for your translation

  85. Hey there, I recently could finally find translated lyrics for a song I searched a long time for, so first of all thanks for that!

    If you still do translations and requests I have one I am desperate to find a translation to, the lyrics themselves where allready hard enough to find:

    Title: Lorelei
    Arrangement: REDALiCE
    Lyrics: 野宮あゆみ
    Vocals: 野宮あゆみ
    Original: Touhou Eiyashou – もう歌しか聞こえない (Deaf to All but the Song – Mystia Lorelei’s theme)

    Lyrics :

    • Yep, I still do translations and accept requests, I’ve simple slowed down everything because of my being busy, but hopefully during May I’ll be able to go back to at least 2 posts per week.
      Anyway, I’ve added your request to the queue, you just need some (a lot) of patience!

  86. Hello Jaefine-san. May I request the translations of Narihibike! Sakura Shinmachi Sanka in Yozakura Quartet Character Song
    Lyric: and Music:

  87. thank you so, so much for translating the song i requested last time! i’d like to request another translation if you do not mind. it’s “ライン” from the album ‘reunion’ by Liz Triangle. you can find the lyrics here:

    thank you!!

  88. Going to make a shot in the dark here. There’s a song I wanted to request for a while now but there is a problem… can’t seem to find any booklet scans or lyrics transcriptions on the internet. So basically going to drop the name here in hope that you happen to have access to lyrics somehow. If you do then I’d like to humbly request it. If not then… nothing can be done. Thanks anyway :)

    Circle: C-CLAYS
    Album: Peimo -プリモ-
    Title: タブロイドラバー

    • So… I don’t own the lyrics nor book and though I’ve tried searching for them too, sadly I had no luck. I’m sorry for this-

      I’ll try again in a couple of days, maybe I’m mishearing some words, but don’t put too much hope in it.

      I apologize again-

      • No need to appologize, I kind of expected this to end up a no-go. I’ll keep vigil over the internet, perhaps one day the book or just the lyrics will surface :)

  89. Hi again, Jaefine-san/ Thank you very much for the last translation! and i with request again ,-, Adust Rain – Evil Dance. Thank you in advance :,D

    • Sadly, I can’t find the lyrics. If you have them/have booklet’s scans, please send them to me.

      If you don’t have them… I won’t be able to translate it :<

  90. Hello!
    Will you translate SUPER MOON by ShibayanRecords? Here are the lyrics:

    • Added to queue!

      • btw can I change request? You know kafka-fuura already translated this, so there;s no reason for doing it now.
        Instead, I’d like you to translate (or more like provide the lyrics) for Stay Waiting for A Dead. Of course if you have those lyrics xD

      • I don’t think I have them, but I’ll try looking for them when I have a bit of time

  91. I dont think this one needs much translating but it would be nice to have the written lyrics
    undead corporation- chase the rabbit

  92. Hello Jeafine! How are you? Perhaps you recognize my name, perhaps you do not. Anyways, I was wondering if you could translate ラストリモート by kimino-museum (the one here: It would be aweeeeeeeesome! :D

    Lyrics here:


  93. May i request a translation for the lyrics of one of my most favorite touhou songs? it’s Ouka Sange (桜花散華) by Riverside. I’m saddened that I just can’t understand the lyrics. the song is somewhat both powerful and soothing, enough to make me cry whenever i am listening to it’s melody.

  94. translate this lyric for me ‘Marika – Truth and Light’ i cant find this romaji on other site u will be the first one translating this xD. also if u want booklet@scan for lyric here the original kanji

  95. hello i’d like to request a translation of “いとおしきものに、うつくしきものに” by rd-sounds from their album 彩.
    lyrics can be found here:

    thank you!!! (:

  96. Hello again! I’d like to request “Reversal Order” by Seventh-Heaven Maxion. Thanks~!

  97. The lyric update of Chase the rabbit has been delayed, but do you think you coul upload the lyrics for The Revolution as well? Thanks

  98. Hello, idk if you’re still taking request. But I’ve been looking for a proper translation of the Creator from Yousei Teikoku, which I haven’t found yet. I’m still at noob level when it comes to Japanese and translation machine can’t get me far. Plus I’ve been trying to translate Egao no kage by Renka. Still no easy feat when you’re only using translation machines.

  99. hi buddy could you please translate this is from imperial circus dead decadence last album, is my favorite song, here are the Lyrics

    • I’ll add it to my queue, but since I’ve started browing through requests only recently, it’ll take a lot of time to see that published (also because now that I’m here in Tokyo I’m a lot busy). I hope you’ll have a lot of patience!

  100. Thank you for the work you’ve done (just recently found Euphoria’s lyrics). Here is my request;

    Song Title: Cinderella Syndrome
    Circle/Band: ゆーしえ (YUC’e)
    Album: Future Cαndy EP
    Link to lyrics:
    NOTE: Only the first 20 seconds have lyrics and it’s in romaji.

    It’s fine if you cannot do this non-VN song, I do want to thank you for the work you’ve done on VNs though. I’ve never been a great player at those (keep getting killed in Kara no Shoujo, lol) but having their musics is a great step for a nub like me.

    • My blod isn’t focused on VNs songs XD I just happen to like a lot of VN’s OSTs, though I believe right now the majority of songs translated here fall into the “Touhou Arrangements”.

      Anyway, I sadly I can’t translate it. The few romaji in the video are highly inaccurate, I don’t own the CD and nobody I know has the lyrics :<
      If by any chance you or someone you know has the lyrics then I can translate it, but if not… I sadly have to decline it ;_;

  101. Hi, can i request this song?
    Song Title: signification
    Circle/Band: Rephonics
    Album: レタレイト
    Link to lyrics:
    i also want to ask for your permission to use your translation in my video (actually, in the video will be my translation, translated from yours (english) to my own language. I only know English, without you, i can’t do it so i want your agreement).

  102. Link to lyrics:

    • Added to queue!
      As for the video, as I’ve written in the FAQs, as long as it’s a no-profit video and/or TL to another language, all I ask for is credits for the Eng TL and/or a link back to the blog, so feel free to use them!

  103. Hello, first off love your translations, I would like you to try translating another song of Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, titled: 精神ノ乖離ノ、叫ビト嘆キ.

    Good luck!

    • I would love to translate that song, but there is one major problem: that song is the only one without lyrics

      ICDD’s lyrics are missing even on Extreme Final Feast CD’s site (I’m pretty sure not even physical copies have them written in the booklet).

      I guess there’s no way to get them :<
      Let me know if you want to swap request!

  104. Can I request this song please? The lyrics are posted in the comment section. Thank you!
    Song Title: 風に尋る R&B ver.
    Circle/Band: GET IN THE RING
    Album: Agony

  105. Sorry in advance because i’m gonna keep trouble you for a while with my request (one song one time ’till レタレイト is fully translated ).
    Song Title: Vein
    Circle/Band: Rephonics
    Album: レタレイト
    Link to lyrics:

    • Oh, don’t worry about it! Requests exist because I believe everybody should have the chance to see their favorite songs translated, so it’s no trouble at all!
      Plus I get the chance to know songs I’ve never heard of, so it’s a win-win :D
      Just added to queue!

  106. hello, I would like to request a translation
    Song Title: Kizuna-絆
    Circle/Band: miu-clips
    Album: Rhythm of My Heart
    link to lyric :
    video :
    Requester: xupcua
    Thank you so much

    • Oh, I didn’t know about miu-clips! The song sounds great and somehow reminds me of “Wishing”, though I have no idea why since they’re so different…
      Anyway, thank you for letting me know!
      Added to queue!

  107. Can I request this song?

    Title: 空想少女
    Circle: 556ミリメートル
    Album: Passion -Dancing Battle Girls-

    Thank you ^w^!

  108. Song Title: W
    Circle/Band: Regasound
    Album: Nostalgia
    Link to lyrics:
    Requester: Remedy

  109. Song Title: Cthulhu
    Circle/Band: Desire path
    Album: Extreme Final Feast
    Link to lyrics:

  110. hello,can i request this song?but i don’t have the lyric..
    Song Title: Black Pentagram
    Circle/Band: Unlucky Morpheus
    Album: Black Pentagram
    Link to lyrics: sorry, i don’t have the lyric..hopefully you have one..

    • Sadly I neither have the lyrics :<
      I don't own Black Pentagram album yet, so I'm not even sure if there are lyrics within the booklet.
      If you know someone who can send me a photo with the booklet's lyrics, then I will be able to translate it, otherwise I will sadly have to decline :<
      Let me know also if you wish to change request (hopefully this time I own or there are lyrics available!)

      • i try to googling the lyrics but is so hard to find japanese lyric on the internet especially unlucky morpheus..T_T
        so i would like to change my request if you don’t mind.

        Song Title: La voix du sang
        Circle/Band: Unlucky Morpheus
        Album: Vampire
        Link to lyrics:

      • Not sure about the internet, but I personally own some of their albums (REBIRTH, Hypotetical Box 2, Parallelism, plus a couple of their instrumental) and thus have some of their lyrics too (though now I have all my CDs in Japan, where I will go back in April), so if by any chance you need their lyrics from those CDs, I can give you them when I get back to Tokyo!
        Meanwhile, added your request to queue!

    • Forgot to write to you as soon as I got back to Japan (sorry, have been a lot busy)
      Anyway… I have Black Pentagram now (and thus, I have the lyrics of all BP’s tracks). So, if you’re fine, I will stick with your first request (Black Pentagram), since now I can translate it!

  111. My request this time!
    Song Title: 04. 九十九憑くもの
    Circle/Band: Rephonics
    Album: レタレイト
    Link to lyrics:

  112. Could you please do this one?

    Name: Null
    Album: 円交少女 ~陸上部ゆっきーの場合~
    Lyrics (in the description, japanese over the chinese):

  113. Would you translate this song?

    Song Title:カギロイ
    Album:carnaval the abyss
    lyrics :

  114. Can I request this song? Thanks!
    Song Title: 輪廻知らずの愛
    Circle/Band: 少女フラクタル
    Album: 輪廻知らずの愛
    Link to lyrics:

  115. A Yuuhei song, would you mind? Thank you.
    Song Title: その神のジレンマに
    Circle/Band: 幽閉サテライト
    Album: その神のジレンマに

  116. Can you please translate this song by Girl’s short hair? Thanks.
    Song Title: ノンストップレールウェイ (Nonstop Railway)
    Circle/Band: Girl’s short hair
    Album: 極東アウトブレイク 弐

  117. Song Title: Fushoku Ressentiment, Fushi Yoku no Sarugakuza / 腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座。
    Circle/Band: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
    Album: fusyoku
    Link to lyrics: Can’t find them really, or im just too stupid

  118. I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, also I didn’t find any of my favorite songs.. (Except “in the Garden”)
    Well, it’s a bit too much, but here is my request:
    2) solitary flower
    3) Negative Legacy
    4) イナイセカイ (Inai Sekai)

  119. Please take my request ! >.<

    [video removed because it has ads]
    Lyrics in video :D

    Title: Magica
    Vocal: senya (Yuuhei Satelite)
    Album: The echo won't stop ringing

  120. It’s a little bit too much but would you translate my requests? ^^
    I’m very greatful if you accept all of them. ^^
    Thank you very much!
    アラベスクの様に (Yuuhei Satellite):
    愛情デザイア (Yuuhei Satellite):
    優しさに甘えすぎて (Yuuhei Satellite):
    霜刃 (GET IN THE RING):

  121. Magica lyrics
    Please use it for save your time `w`

  122. Song Title: Bullet of Light
    Circle/Band: Thousand Leaves
    Album: Dead Night Blind (or Early Years of Sorrow)

    I searched through the whole Internet but no lyrics were found T_T
    Japanese ver is enough, don’t bother to translate ^ ^

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