Bullet of Light ~ Thousand Leaves

Yes, there’s only one line in Japanese. And yes, I’m counting this as a translation. Requested by liuuzaki. Title: Bullet of Light Lyrics: Bach Vocals: Abecky Arrangement: Bach Album: DEAD NIGHT BLIND / EARLY YEARS OF SORROW Circle: Thousand Leaves Event: C78 / C82 Original: 少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio | Maiden’s Capriccio | Touhou 4 Lotus Land … More Bullet of Light ~ Thousand Leaves

Blind Night Sorrow ~ Thousand Leaves

Considering we are talking about screams, checking the romaji is pretty much impossible. This said, I hope you will enjoy the translation despite it. Also, it’s nice to have Thousand Leaves (and old event songs) to translate~ Though I still like more their instrumental, but that’s as usual my personal taste. Requested by BurstDigiSoul Notes … More Blind Night Sorrow ~ Thousand Leaves