Utopia ~ Aftergrow

Requested by tkdr Title: Utopia Vocals: NT-1 Lyrics: 平茸 (Hiratake) Arrangement: 平茸 Circle: Aftergrow Album: Seven lies from my Dystopia Event: C80 Original: 神々が恋した幻想郷 | The Gensokyo The Gods Loved | Mountain of Faith | Stage 3 Theme Utopia 夜空見上げ この眼に映るものを 遠い記憶 朧げな月日を この手に触れ 感じたもの全てを 一つ一つ この身に刻み付けてゆく yozora miage kono me ni utsuru mono wo tooi kioku oboroge na … More Utopia ~ Aftergrow

Brand-New ~ Aftergrow

Requested by Naima Notes “冷めない予感は | A premonition”; here the translation of the second part of the phrase sounds like “I laughed for joke at what you call/it’s called a God’s act”. Anyway, to simplify -?- I’ve decided to modify it a little. “花は咲いて散り | Flowers scatter”; here it actually means “Flowers bloom then scatter”, … More Brand-New ~ Aftergrow