W ~ RegaSound

Requested by Remedy Notes Title: W Vocals: らむだーじゃん (Lambda-jan) Arrangement: RegaSound Circle: RegaSound Album: Nostalgia Event: C76 Original: 無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain | Paradise ~ Deep Mountain | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Stage 1 Theme W 周りを見渡しては どこかに通り過ぎて 気付けば一人きりの 錆びつく夢の中 mawari wo miwatashite wa dokoka ni toorisugite kidzukeba hitorikiri no sabitsuku yume no naka … More W ~ RegaSound

Symmetry ~ 少女病

Though I’m posting this translation now, it was originally done in 2014 and I have no strength right now to doing it ex-novo. Apologizes. Notes Title: Symmetry Vocals: 星名優子 (Yuuko Hoshina) Lyrics: 少女病 (shoujo byou | Girl Disease) Composition: 少女病, ピクセルビー (Pixelbee) Arrangement: ピクセルビー Published by: 少女病 Album: 空想RPG! Event: C76 Theme: true Heroine Symmetry … More Symmetry ~ 少女病

初恋ハリケーン ~ 少女病

Note that the talking part isn’t written in the booklet, thus is missing even here. “初恋ハリケーン”,  “hatsukoi harikeen”, “First love hurricane”. Title: 初恋ハリケーン Vocals: miko Lyrics: 少女病 (shoujo byou | Girl Disease) Composition: HIR Arrangement: HIR Published by: 少女病 Album: 空想RPG! Event: C76 Theme: Heroine? 初恋ハリケーン 秘密兵器 今ここに 颯爽と登場! うろたえるな! 私こそHeroineなのよ! himitsuheiki ima koko ni sassou to toujou! … More 初恋ハリケーン ~ 少女病

Heroes! ~ 少女病

Title: Heroes! Vocals: ビートまりお (Beat Mario), ゴム(Gom), めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), 野宮あゆみ (Ayumi Nomiya) Lyrics: 少女病 (shoujo byou | Girl Disease) Composition: 橋本鏡也 (Kyoya Hashimoto) Arrangement: 橋本鏡也 Published by: 少女病 Album: 空想RPG! Event: C76 Theme: Party Heroes! いざ行こう まだ見ぬ未知の世界へ 僕らがここから切り拓く 逃れることなく 運命抱いて 眩ゆい光へ走り出そう! iza yukou mada minu michi no sekai e bokura ga kokokara kirihiraku nogareru koto naku sadame … More Heroes! ~ 少女病

Halo glare ~ C-CLAYS

Requested by Furan Notes “姿見えないから | Since I can’t see”; literally, “Since I don’t see things (figures), my prediction won’t be able to arrive”. I’ve decided to somehow rewrite those two lines in a better English, trying to keep also the “mood” the Japanese text carries. “深緑に月影が | The moon shines”; literally, it’s “on green”. … More Halo glare ~ C-CLAYS

歴史書の笹舟 星と時を越えて ~ IOSYS

And again, another troll image. Guess somehow this time it is appropriated, considering who we’re talking about I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese folklore, it has always fascinated me, and translating a whole song based upon a Japanese legend made me really happy, even if at the beginning I can’t deny I said … More 歴史書の笹舟 星と時を越えて ~ IOSYS