Cthulhu ~ Desire Path

Forgot to schedule this post for yesterday, so well, one day later, but here it is! The intro reminded me of Reincarnation since the first time I heard this song, though it’s actually an original one and there shouldn’t be any Touhou implied. Just shouldn’t. Anyway. Requested by Alv Notes Title: Cthulhu Vocals: 提灯 (Chouchin) … More Cthulhu ~ Desire Path

回帰性と消失点 ~ Situation Report

As usual, scream parts’ might be wrong since I have no way to check the romaji. Hopefully words aren’t pronounced in alternative ways~ Requested by Alv Notes “回帰性と消失点”, “kaikisei to shoushitsuten”, “Homing instinct and vanishing point” “手を離れた蝶は君 | The butterfly”; the meaning of this phrase might be more metaphoric than how I translated it (the … More 回帰性と消失点 ~ Situation Report


First C87 translations after more than two months; better late than never I guess. And pkk fits so much. Alternative translation by Shion here. Requested by Entrophy. Notes “火車の叫ぶ夜に”, “kasha no sakebu yoru ni”, “When the Kasha screams at night”. Less liberaly, “The Kasha screams in the night”. For those who missed it, the Kasha … More 火車の叫ぶ夜に ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

黒猫 ~ 花たん

Requested by Salman. Notes “黒猫”, “kuroneko”, “Black cat”. Title: 黒猫 Vocals: GUMI (original) | 花たん/ユリカ (Hanatan /YURiCa) Lyrics: Raptor Composition: 赤髪 (Akagami) Arrangement: 赤髪 Circle: cordelia Album: Chers petits chats Event: C87 黒猫 このまま 気付かないの? それだって構わないと誓ったのに その声 匂いが 近づいてくると 駆けだしている kono mama kidzukanai no? sore datte kamawanai to chigatta no ni sono koe nioi ga chikadzuitekuru to kakedashiteiru … More 黒猫 ~ 花たん