Black Pentagram ~ Unlucky Morpheus

Requested by sitompo Notes “呼魂する | Echoing”; though the verb sung simply means “to echoe”, in the lyrics it’s written as “calling souls” (or “echoing souls” if you prefer a more liberal one), but this word does not exist in Japanese –not written like this at least. Title: Black Pentagram Vocals: 天外冬黄 (Fuyuki Tenge/Fuki) Lyrics: … More Black Pentagram ~ Unlucky Morpheus


First C87 translations after more than two months; better late than never I guess. And pkk fits so much. Alternative translation by Shion here. Requested by Entrophy. Notes “火車の叫ぶ夜に”, “kasha no sakebu yoru ni”, “When the Kasha screams at night”. Less liberaly, “The Kasha screams in the night”. For those who missed it, the Kasha … More 火車の叫ぶ夜に ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


Requested by Sandra Notes “月まで届け、我が怨み”, translated as “Reach for the moon, my grudge”. A pretty obvious “parody” of the original title, “月まで届け、不死の煙”. While transcribing this song I’ve noticed a lot of references to the theme and to Mokou herself, something quite common for UNDEAD CORPORATION. I hope I’ve been able to give back all those … More 月まで届け、我が怨み ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION