one-sided love ~ IOSYS

Requested by bagong016 Title: one-sided love Vocals: ℃iel Lyrics: はかせ (Hakase), ぼいど (Void) Arrangement: ぼいど Circle: IOSYS Album: 東方銀晶天獄 Event: 例大祭7 (Reitaisai 7) Original: 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble | Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble | Prismriver Sisters’ (Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica) Theme one-sided love この声よ 今すぐに あなたの元へ kono koe yo imasugu ni anata no moto e This voice … More one-sided love ~ IOSYS

歴史書の笹舟 星と時を越えて ~ IOSYS

And again, another troll image. Guess somehow this time it is appropriated, considering who we’re talking about I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese folklore, it has always fascinated me, and translating a whole song based upon a Japanese legend made me really happy, even if at the beginning I can’t deny I said … More 歴史書の笹舟 星と時を越えて ~ IOSYS