Resurrection ~ Asriel

Requested by Salman. Notes Title: Resurrection Vocals: KOKOMI Lyrics: KOKOMI Composition: 黒瀬圭亮 (Keisuke Kurose) Band: Asriel Album: Resurrection Resurrection 何の為に 誰の為に 君よ その命燃やそうか nanno tame ni dare no tame ni kimi yo sono inochi moyasou ka For what sake, for whose sake I ask thee, burning one’s life? ある時私は 真っ白無垢な蕾 なんにでも成れると 生み落とされた aru toki watashi wa masshiro muku na … More Resurrection ~ Asriel


Requested by lotushime Notes The first stanza written on the official website is “内緒にしていた 一人の楽園 / 軽く触れることすら誰もできない”. The lyrics I wrote are those I hear, but, of course, they can be completely wrong –but I believe makes more sense than the lyrics written on the official website. If you hear something different/have other ideas, please say … More Calling ~ PARANOIA PARADOX