Last moment ~ Primary

And with this, SURVIVE/Last moment is done. Now excuse me while I go back crying while listening to this song. Notes Title: Last moment Vocals: yuiko Lyrics: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Album: SURVIVE/Last moment Circle: Primary Event: M3-41 Last moment 光も届かない 閉ざされた小さな部屋 そこにあるモノが わたしの全て ひとつずつ消えて 動かなくなった人形 終わる瞬間を そっと 待つだけだった hikari mo todokanai tozasareta chiisa na heya soko ni aru mono … More Last moment ~ Primary

SURVIVE ~ Primary

M3 is over and I bought maybe too many CDs, but I’m an happy person. I love Primary’s new single, it’s magnificent. I have the feeling that Meis Clauson and yuiko are getting better and better, not sure if it’s only my impression. Anyway,  I didn’t expect an acoustic one for Last Moment, but that … More SURVIVE ~ Primary