Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

Yuyoyuppe is great, I’m glad he’s back, and it’s been a while since the last time I translated some vocaloid song. Not that I usually translate vocaloid songs -this might be maybe my 10th something post about a vocaloid song? Anyway. I wonder if this song, along with Canvas, will be in a new album … More Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe


Yes, I’m alive. University drains me most of the time, and also my will of translating. This means, expect a very few posts for the next months. I totally haven’t checked the pronunciation, so romaji might be wrong. Sorry for this but I’m not a fan of vocaloids overall and I had, and have, hard … More THE THIRD HOPE


“Yet I still want to live” It has been some time since my last translation (not that much actually, but still quite enough), but finally here I am. Maybe with something quite unexpected; anyway. I know this song has been already translated, and I’m aware that doing something like another (useless) translation of the same … More If