Fiction ~ Minstrel

Fiction is simply perfect. Lyrics, music, everything is just perfect. And I love apt. Period. LIQU@。gives her best in this song, no matter how I look at it. One of her best performances so far without any doubt. And I’m falling in love (again) with her voice. And with her lyrics as well. yuta composed … More Fiction ~ Minstrel

ハッピーエンドにさよならを ~ Minstrel

No matter how I look at it, but I can only apologize about how I’ve translated this song. The musicality (if it’s called like this) of the words it’s just amazing in the Japanese lyrics, but it’s something I wasn’t able to keep in the English translation. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it despite the lack of … More ハッピーエンドにさよならを ~ Minstrel